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Dirt Bike tours

The team at NEXT LEVEL Dirt Bike Tours has years of experience riding in the Victorian High Country and in various places across Australia.


Our tours are designed to make exploring remote areas of the country on a dirt bike a safe and enjoyable adventure. We ride some of the best tracks Australia has to offer, with plenty of river crossings, hill climbs, mountain tops, panoramic views, desert sands, and coastal forests to make you want to come back for more! All with the safety net of a support vehicle, lunch, snacks, fuel, and experienced guides.  


All support riders are trained in first aid, carry basic first aid kits, tools and basic spares. Support riders and support vehicles carry radios, Spot trackers, and satellite phones. We are fully insured and have the necessary licences. 

All riders must;

- be licensed 

- be on a registered bike (either Rec reg or full reg)

- arrive on a well maintained bike in good working order

- start the tour with a full tank of fuel (2 stroke riders must bring their own oil for the duration of the tour)

- have tyres that are new or near new

- have ultra heavy duty tubes fitted

- carry their own spares and basic tools

- carry minimum 1 spare front and 1 spare rear tube

- have 2 litre minimum hydration pack

- wear the necessary safety gear while riding. Minimum safety gear required is riding boots, helmet, googles, and gloves. We strongly recommend that riders also wear riding pants and jersy/jacket, body armour and knee braces/pads as well.

- show proof of having ambulance cover

- fill out a indemnity form / waiver prior to the commencement of the tour

- have read our terms and conditions and agree to them

Hire Bike

If you don't have your own bike and but have dirt bike experience and would like to hire a bike we have a KTM 500 available for hire contact us for a quote. 


If you would like to book a tour there are a couple of options.

- Check out our ride calendar to see the rides we have planned.

- If none of them suit you, contact us to arrange a private tour. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tour dates and prices are subject to change.


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